SABYTEL – We understand what it takes to secure technology whether it’s business networks or Internet of Things devices.

We see information security as an enabler and that sets us apart from other Cyber Security companies. We don’t tell you what you can’t do. We tell you how you can operate your business securely.

SABYTEL Services features highlight

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Sabytel provides a complete End-to- End Certification and Accreditation, also known as Security Assessment and Authorization. This is a start-to- finish analysis and documentation for corporate security certification and accreditation compliance for both public and private organizations.

Sabytel will learn and understand your requirements and allow us to garner valuable insight to ensure we provide you the most cost effective strategies, programs and resources that will ensure your network and information is protected efficiently and effectively.

Sabytel has a wealth of experience in the Information and Security realm. We have the knowledge, expertise and prowess to provide you with solutions that will meet and exceed all of your expectations enabling you to securely move forward in today’s ever changing world.

Sabytel will assess your embedded technologies for security risks and vulnerabilities and provide you with effective mitigation strategies to help prevent compromise. Devices that have embedded technologies or that connect to the internet are becoming exponentially more common and security of these devices is not keeping pace. Whether you use or develop these devices, you need to understand how they can be vulnerable and the impact of compromise in order to protect your client base and bottom line.

Some of the Threats to your security and the potential damage that they can cause:

Threats to your Security Potential Damage
e-mail Identity theft, theft of proprietary information,malware infection
Hacking of Networks Denial of service, embarrassment to the company, theft of information, corruption of data
Hacking of smart devices Device failure, company embarrassment, property damage, in cases of medical devices it can result in death.
Spying Theft of information, theft of company secrets, theft of identity
Theft (money, equipment) Financial loss, interruption of services
Accidental Threats Erroneous information, interruption of services, exposure of information
Natural Disasters Interrupted services, loss of potential income

Why chose us?

Our expertise will give you everything you need to ensure you are protecting your information

  • Data Sensitivity Assessment
  • Privacy Act Compliance
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Threat and Risk Assessments
  • Security Architecture Design and Assessment
  • Policy & Procedure Development and Implementation

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